How Much Do Accountants Charge for a Small Business? It Depends on Your Needs

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How much does garden service cost.The late August sun can leave a mark. You also may want to consider whether you prefer working with an individual or an accounting firm. Jariwala points out that a one-person shop might be ideal if your needs are straightforward since the same person will be able to address your needs. CPAs, Enrolled Agents , and tax attorneys are the only professionals that can represent taxpayers during an IRSaudit or tax dispute. Find a qualified CPA, you should start by asking for referrals from members of your family, friends, and coworkers. A list of tax preparers is available from the Internal Revenue Service, and most states have CPA societies.

Is a bookkeeper cheaper than an accountant?

It's important to understand whether you need to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant. This choice primarily depends on the industry and the level of expertise required. A bookkeeper is generally: Less expensive to employ.

Accountant fees range from $30-$100—an accountant’s cost is determined by the form of services offered. However, accountant fees may be based on experience, location of the business, and job requirements. Therefore, accounting service’s total cost depends on the workload, accountant fees, and how frequently you need their services. Not every business has the same bookkeeping needs as others, and their needs will likely change as the company experiences growth. Part-time bookkeepers and outsourced bookkeeping firms are a sound solution for new businesses, while full-time bookkeepers tend to benefit more established companies more. It’s up to the decision makers in the company to determine the best appropriate solution to maximize their profitability and ensure their growth.

The Role Of An Accountant: A Guide To Today’s Accountant’s Roles, Duties, And Responsibilities

However, if you run a small business and want to hire an accountant occasionally, you should keep in mind that the education and experience of the accountant will be reflected in the rates charged. If you’re interested in having a CPA do your next tax return, schedule a free call with a member of our team today. You can view our range of prices for tax returns here — so you don’t have to wait for a quote, talk to a salesperson or stay in the dark about the price of your return. At Milestone, we do everything we can to make your life easier, starting with simple, flexible, no long term contract solutions for your accounting needs.


A accounting and bookkeeping for small business’s hourly rate or cost to hire a CPA hourly ranges from $150 to $450, depending on experience and location. Because accounting fees vary significantly between providers, you should shop around before committing. Ask each CPA how they bill for services and try to get a quote for your expected needs. Remember, the hourly cost of hiring a CPA depends significantly on the type of work you need them to do.

Is the Cost of an Accountant for Your Small Business Too Much?

If you need help calculating start-up business accountant fees, you can post your legal need on UpCounsel’s marketplace. Lawyers on UpCounsel come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and average 14 years of legal experience, including work with or on behalf of companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb. Since the government or any local laws do not regulate the accountant’s cost, it will be difficult to conclude the specific amount an accountant will charge a business owner. In the U.S., public companies are required to issue financial statements based on generally accepted accounting principles . Public companies are also required to have documented internal controls and follow other regulatory requirements. A CPA can help you comply with all requirements so you’re ready for an eventual initial public offering .

Such nuances can make the division of labor and trust a real strain on the employer and their company. One of the biggest disadvantages of hiring a part-time bookkeeper is that they provide only partial support in an area of business that requires a lot of attention and detail. You will need to dedicate some of your time to audit their work on an on-going basis, and you may still be required to do more of the high-level accounting work, such as projecting and reporting.

Bookkeeper Salaries & Cost of Outsourcing

For example, if you’re a sole proprietor with one income stream and no investments, you could probably get by with accounting software. CPAs are well-equipped to provide this kind of advice due to their in-depth understanding of financial statements, taxes, and individual industries since so many CPAs specialize. Just about every small business requires a basic form of bookkeeping in the beginning.

With your permission, accountants can use professional software to prepare and file your tax return error-free, and they can also keep your information on file for future tax returns. Bring a box full of receipts to the office of your CPA, and be prepared for your charges to go up as a result. Your accountant will bill you for the additional time they spend organizing your receipts and financial documents into a format ready for tax filing, which could take several hours.

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And, more difficult, time-consuming tasks are typically more expensive. Keep in mind that some accountants who have higher prices might be able to complete tasks in less time than accountants with lower prices, which could save you money if they charge hourly. Although there is no standard accounting fee, here are some factors that influence the cost of hiring an accountant. Sign up to Groupon Merchant today for more help and advice when it comes to covering your small business accounting costs. Comparing small business accountant fees can be challenging as they structure their fees differently.

  • Another key benefit to outsourcing bookkeeping to aprofessional CPA firmis the level of expertise received.
  • In this case, you’d be paying your provider $1,728 for the year, but they’d generate $106,000 of additional capital.
  • Keep in mind, though, that if you run a smaller business, your rate will probably be lower.
  • That helps them get a better understanding of you and your business’ situation — and that’s time you’ll probably have to pay for.
  • If you are looking for tax preparation, reputable firms will charge the average landlord around $1,800 – $2,500.

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